Wolfsblick nach Kaufering

Die vergangene Woche
In last week it was challenging to arrange training because we were missing so many players to international games. We talked about situation and manage to keep our self focused. Trainings were included more physical training in good leading by Daniel von der Heyde and André Heißenbüttel.


Der Gegner
Last game we won 11:0 at home. However, that is past and every game is a new one.


Die Wölfe
We will spend the whole day travelling with the team. After the long journey there will be challenges to turn our „travelling feets“ to „Spiel-Spiel feets“. We go there to play Wölfe-Floorball – when we manage to do that points will travel back to Lilienthal.



… könnt ihr das Spiel in unserem Liveticker (ab 18:00 Uhr).


Geschrieben von Antti Mähönen.